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Why Work While Attending College?

I haven’t met too many people in my time that didn’t really have to work while attending college. But, whoever they were, I always considered them very lucky. I wasn’t among the non working set. I had to work an awful lot while pursuing my higher education.  But, I like to think that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The world’s current economy may not make working while attending school a choice. So why would a student work while attending classes when it’s not an absolute necessity?

  1. The first basic thing it does is help a student avoid a little debt. Yes, even if you are only working minimal hours for minimal wage at least it is more than nothing. A student will owe less money upon graduation – instead of racking up credit card bills, loans, or any type of debt. Student loans come due as soon as the students are out of school and the interest on those loans adds up. So even if you only make a little money now, it will save you a lot of money in the future.
  2. Secondly, depending on where you work you could have some really cool benefits. If you work in a restaurant you could get discounted or free food. What an awesome benefit – FREE FOOD! Make a little money and feed yourself. Check in to the little perks of a job before you take it.
  3. Working can actually improve your grades. If you don’t work you may think you have all the time in the world to do something and well…you end up never doing it. You have to work on your time management skills to be able to balance all your deliverables. But don’t over work. That could ruin your GPA.
  4. Lastly, working gives you experiences to talk about during an interview. Almost all recruiters use behavioral interviewing. What this means, in a nut shell, is that the recruiters want you to answer their questions using the STAR method. What was the Situation you were in? What Task were you performing? What Action did you take? What was the Result of the situation? Working can give you tons of      behavioral examples to talk about in an interview.

We talked about why you should work but not where you should work. Make sure you work somewhere that values education.  They may even provide a scholarship program to help support your education. These are the places that will work around your school needs. If the work place won’t work with you, don’t work with them. Find another job.

Check out these links for more thoughts on working while attending college:

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