Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

You worked really hard and finally got a face to face interview. Great job! You don’t want to blow it now by doing or saying something silly. Because I like you so much I’ll share my own 10 MOST interviewing pet peeves.

  1. Being late – Whatever you do DON’T. BE. LATE! But, don’t be      super early either. If you are not sure were you are going for your      interview take a test drive earlier in the week. Time yourself and notice      how difficult finding a parking space will be. If you are taking a bus      find out when the buses are running and where you will be dropped off.      Plan to arrive for your interview early then find somewhere in the area to      kill some time. You want to walk into the interviewer’s office about 5      minutes earlier than your appointment time.
  2. Appearance – Yes. Appearance counts. You      want to look clean, neat and crisp. But, remember, you are not going on a      date. Dress for the position and the company where you want to work.  Check out the company’s website to find      out their appearance standards. Yes, that may mean you may have to wear a      suit and maybe a tie. This may also mean that you need to tone down your      hair. Your appearance is your first impression. You never get a second chance      to give a first impression.
  3. No questions – Research the company you are      interviewing with. You don’t want to ask a ridiculous question like what      do you produce? Big mistake there. You want to show that you are engaged      and want to work there so have at least two questions.
  4. No examples – You know some of the questions      that the interviewer is going to ask you. Have some well worded answers      prepared to the following questions. What is your biggest strength? What      is your biggest weakest? How did you impact… in your last position. Why      are you applying to this position?       What are your goals? Where do you want to be in 5 years? One word      and vague answers will only get you shown the door.
  5. Bad mouthing a former      boss – Even if      your last boss was a crazy, manic, lazy, bully – don’t bad mouth them in an interview. Don’t make      yourself a victim.
  6. No eye contact – Look at the interviewer when      answering their questions, but don’t stare at them like a crazed goat. Or      talk to their wall or plant for that matter.
  7. Being the walking      dead – If you      want the job show that you do. Be engaged in the interview. Acting and      looking like a zombie won’t get you the job.
  8. Chewing gum – No drinking, smoking or gum      chewing period. Why even talk about it.
  9. Not being realistic      – What job are      you applying for? Is the going market really a million dollars a      year?  Get real. Don’t ask for      something everyone knows is impossible.
  10. Not asking for the      job – Ask the      interviewer how you did. Let them know your really want this job. If you      don’t ask you’ll never receive.

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  1. Worldgate, llc said:

    Great post! We have a similar blog posted about prepping for an interview we did not too long ago, come check it out and give us some feedback on what you think!

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