Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

As an organization – we get it.  Things change.  What you wanted yesterday isn’t always what you want today.  You either have decided to take another job; decided that you don’t want that specific job with that specific company or decided that you just don’t want to go to the trouble of going though the interview/selection process.

For whatever reason you just decide you are not going to go to your scheduled interview. You are thinking about just not showing up. “What would it hurt?” you say to yourself. You just don’t have the time to call or send an email to the recruiter to cancel your interview. You don’t know the recruiter, personally anyway, so what could possibly happen? They’re probably used to it.  Right?

Think about it again.

Besides the fact that’s its just plain rude and inconsiderate of someone else’s time to just not to show up for a scheduled appointment – here is the top reason why it’s not a great idea to become a “no call no show” statistic:

You never know when you will meet someone again. Yes. That’s right. Folks seem to turn up at different times in the most unexpected places. In the future, you may need to interview with the same recruiter for the job that you REALLY want. Let me tell you something about recruiters.  Recruiters remember everything. They take great notes and can easily recall when someone wastes their time.  They also use an applicant tracking system that allows them to have a mind like an elephant… you know the saying ‘an elephant never forgets.’ If you wasted a recruiter’s time in the past they may just give you bad marks when you meet again.  Maybe your new job fell through, maybe your new job wasn’t all that you thought it would be, etc. and you need to start the job hunt all over again.  Don’t burn your bridges with Company X before they are even built.

Also keep this in mind.  If you were scheduled for that interview time slot – it means that someone else, who may really want to work for that organization, wasn’t.

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