Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Did you ever spend time with someone that was so full of personality that everything around them started dancing with effervescent bubbles? That everything around them started looking better and was more fun? That is what it’s like talking to Sarah Heisey, Manager of Team Smiley – or as she likes to say “Smiley’s BFF.”

Sarah started in 2009 with Eat’n Park Hospitality Group as an intern on Team Smiley. She did such an awesome job that she was quickly able to parlay an internship into a full time position as the Community Marketing Assistant. Since she was so darned good at that Sarah was quickly promoted to the Community Partnerships Coordinator

I just had to interview Sarah.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to call themselves Smiley’s best friend so it was fun and interesting to hear what Sarah had to say. Here is Sarah’s interview.

What do you love the most about Eat’n Park?   

From everyone in the restaurants, the guests and team members, across all our brands, and the Corporate Support Center, the people are bright, cheery, honest and everyone cares about what they are doing. Great culture, huh?

Why did you join Team Smiley?

Since I grew up in Pittsburgh, and my family and I ate Sunday brunch every Sunday at Eat’n Park, I understood their values. I wanted to be part of the their community out reach program. No business in Pittsburgh does this as well [as Eat’n Park does.]

Interested in Team Smiley – APPLY HERE!

What have you learned?

I get to meet people. They are all different and I learn so much from each one of them. I love to listen to all their memories about Eat’n Park. So many people have met their husbands and wives at an Eat’n Park. I am also a better listener. If you really want to hear what people have to say you need to listen. Everyone has a different reason to love Eat’n Park.

What advice do you have for folks starting their careers?

  1. Show your personality. It’s important to show you’re outgoing, warm and energetic.
  2. Realize the power of an internship. I’m a story about how it paid off. It’s real life work experience. You will get to  meet a lot of people. So if you do an impressive job you may not get a  full time position, but you will make      contacts with a lot of great people. If you do a great job they will help      you get where you want to be.
  3. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and get to know them. Go to lunch. Network with people. Be genuinely interested in other people.

What are your interviewing pet peeves?

  1. Proof read your resume! Spell everything correctly especially the company’s name that you are interviewing with.
  2. Attire for the interview. Go for a classic look. Don’t be afraid to over dress. It’s better then under dressing. It is not a fashion show.

Sarah said take chances. Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs that may be a long shot. Do the leg work you need to do. Get in the game and get in early. It never hurts to be first!

And it looks like everything is working great for Sarah!

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