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What goes on in social media stays on social media.

Let’s talk social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends. It is easy, breezy and works in real time. It can also help you research a company that you are interested in in a very short amount of time. Most companies have their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages filled with company facts and figures. In addition, social media has changed the face of job hunting.

Job hunting used to be pretty vanilla and boring… Find a help wanted ad (job board or paper ad), apply for job, interview for job, sign for a background check and then you may or may not receive job offer. Now you can receive live posting feeds. You can network your way to the perfect job. Wow! Social media really has made job hunting a lot different and fun.

But, like all things, social media is a double edged sword. Social media has negatively and positively affected job searches. Let’s talk about the negatives:

  • What goes on social media stays on social media forever and ever and ever. No kidding. You can’t even  divorce social media. Once you have created it you are connected to it  forever. What does this mean? Be careful of what you post. Ask yourself: “Is this a headline that I want the world to see? Is this something that I would want my current employer or future employer to see?”  Remember, the world is a very, very small place now. It used to take  forever to communicate a long distance. Abe Lincoln received his Civil War  updates via the telegraph. Sometimes he didn’t even know what was going on  for weeks! Now communication is instantaneous. It is so easy to let the  entire world become aware of anything that you want or even things that  you don’t want!
  • If can look at a company they can look at you too.  Remember companies are posting all kinds of things about themselves. They also realize this works both ways. They post about them and you post about you. Therefore, they are looking at what you post. They are asking  themselves: “Will a person who posts this fit into our culture? If our guest/client/partner/etc. sees this – will their opinions of us change?” Be careful of what you post because it can haunt you at the most unexpected time.

Social Media is fun and a very effective communication tool. But, like all things, it can both help you and hurt you. Think before you post.

Stayed tuned for the positives of social media!

You’re thinking about taking a part-time job?

You’re thinking about taking a part-time job?

Two years ago I visited the south of France. It was such a fantastic trip that I wish I was still there. The food was great and the scenery was over the top. I just love, love, love the French culture. When I go on my holidays, I like meeting and talking to people. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.

While in France, I met an American dentist and his wife. They were lovely people. We got to chatting and I shared with them that I was in the hospitality business. He then shared that he was a server while attending dental school. He said that serving prepared him for his role as a dentist. Dental school taught him how to be a dentist but serving taught him how to multi-task and make an immediate connection with anyone. Connecting with his patients is vitally important to his role. The ability to effectively multi-task is important to a smooth running office. His wife told me she learned to straighten the bills, which he kept in his apron, and counted his tips. She is still counting out his tips!

You never know what transferable skills you can pick up from a part-time job. Part-time jobs are great for skill development and networking. The server you work with today will be tomorrow’s bank manager, recruiter or operator.


Credential Verification – Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Credential Verification – Is Honesty the Best Policy?

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to your credentials.  Credentials that are verified by employers can include anything from criminal history, past employment, credit history to drug testing.  Credentials that are verified also are dependent on the employer and the industry that you are trying to gain employment in.

When it comes to your credentials – you should tell the truth no matter what is at stake.  We recruiters are human too.  We understand that life and bad things happen to good people.  Mistakes happen and people change.  When candidates are upfront with me – I appreciate their honesty and willingness to discuss what’s happened in the past without me having to ask about it.  However, if you lie during any portion of the application process and you are caught, and most likely you will be, it makes me wonder what else you have been untruthful about.

If you know something is going to show up in a background check – be ready to discuss it.  Briefly tell the individual what happened, how you were at fault and what actions/steps you took to fix/correct the situation.

Sometimes omitting something from your background can be an innocent mistake.  You may have forgotten that you worked at that fast food restaurant that one summer in high school…  Never thought that that noise violation that you got from the campus police, in college, would have made it to your criminal record…  Didn’t think the DUI you received the night of that really awesome party was something worth listing on your application… You get the picture.

Embellishing your credentials isn’t always a good idea either.  It can easily turn into you misrepresenting yourself if you make up colleges you’ve attended, degrees you’ve achieved, positions you have held or awards/accomplishments you’ve received.  Just to make yourself look better – is it worth the risk of missing out on an opportunity when you were perfectly qualified for it with your real credentials?

Company’s do these credential verifications for a reason.  Why?  To verify that you’ve done what you’ve said you’ve done.  The moral of the story is to be honest when it comes to your past because you never know when that fib is going to catch up with you.

The Power of Internships

The Power of Internships

Here at Eat’n Park Hospitality Group (ENPHG), we have a very robust summer internship program that we call our Management Residency Program, and we’re busy recruiting up and coming stars to become our newest interns. These interns have 10 weeks to be certified in various restaurant departments, handle cash, and complete product ordering, among many other things. They also get the opportunity to manage an entire shift, sometimes, by themselves. Throughout the summer, each intern also works on a specific sales-building project that they will present to our Senior Staff at the end of the 10-week program. After the presentation, we all go out to have a great dinner at Six Penn Kitchen to celebrate the completion of the internship program. You can’t beat that for an internship. Oh!  I almost forgot to mention… our interns get PAID to LEARN all of these great things!

All this planning for our summer internship got me thinking about the power of internships. Do as many internships as you can. But don’t go overboard. Make sure you seek internships that are aligned with your long term career goals.

Internships can:

  • Give you a great idea of what it is like to work in your chosen field’s work environment. Don’t wait until you are done with school, built up a lot of debt in school loans, and then decide you hate your chosen field. Either you will need to go back to school and create even more debt OR you will have to just suck it up and work somewhere that you don’t enjoy.
  • You will build your network. Get to know the folks you work with during your internship(s). You will never know when those individuals can support your job hunt. Just don’t forget to support those folks when you can.
  • Build your resume. Internships offer you valuable resume building experiences. It doesn’t really matter how you get      experiences. You can gain experience by working, volunteering or by completing internships. It’s all still real live experience.

So, what are you waiting for? The best internships are filled quickly, so get your resume out there ASAP so that you can find an internship that’s perfect for you!