Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

You’re thinking about taking a part-time job?

Two years ago I visited the south of France. It was such a fantastic trip that I wish I was still there. The food was great and the scenery was over the top. I just love, love, love the French culture. When I go on my holidays, I like meeting and talking to people. Everyone has an interesting story to tell.

While in France, I met an American dentist and his wife. They were lovely people. We got to chatting and I shared with them that I was in the hospitality business. He then shared that he was a server while attending dental school. He said that serving prepared him for his role as a dentist. Dental school taught him how to be a dentist but serving taught him how to multi-task and make an immediate connection with anyone. Connecting with his patients is vitally important to his role. The ability to effectively multi-task is important to a smooth running office. His wife told me she learned to straighten the bills, which he kept in his apron, and counted his tips. She is still counting out his tips!

You never know what transferable skills you can pick up from a part-time job. Part-time jobs are great for skill development and networking. The server you work with today will be tomorrow’s bank manager, recruiter or operator.


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