Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Recently, we talked about the dangers of social media. This week we are going to talk about the benefits. I love talking about positive stuff. Now, I don’t want to lie to you. I’m not the best person to sing the praises of social media, but I do see the value of the positive impact social media can make.

  1. Social media is real time. With that being said,  individuals are able to receive information on job opportunities as soon as they become available. You are always in the loop and in the know.
  2. Social media can also be personal.  Looking for a job?  Inquire about the position or department that you are looking to become a part of through the organizations social media.  Post your inquiry on the company’s Facebook wall, for example, and the moderator will most likely steer you in the right direction. Here at Eat’n Park – Smiley’s always willing to help!
  3. You can research a company using social media. Your knowledge of the company will knock the socks off of any recruiter.
  4. You can market yourself. Pay attention to everything you post from pictures to events. By showing your BEST self – you can market yourself into your dream      job.
  5. Distance has no meeting. Start networking with folks from all over the world. Making new friends means creating opportunities.
  6. Joining social media groups is an easy way to keep on the cutting edge of your industry and/or profession.
  7. It can just be fun to do!

Social media is just like any other communication tool. It can be used for positive impacts or it can be used negatively – it all just depends on how you use it.

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