Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

It has been said that the only constant in the universe is change. How does one keep up with all this change?  One strategy to keep up with the pace of change is to constantly focus on your own development. An individual should always look for avenues and opportunities to develop your skills. Some companies offer classes for development. Make sure you check what classes your company offers.

I recently was lucky enough to have lunch with the Director of Leadership for On-Site-Brands, Marti Wiseman. She has worked on leadership development in many different industries. She started in social work, moved on to banking, manufacturing, telecommunication and then of course the most fun, the hospitality industry. She said everyone needs to have a strong focus on continuous development. The world is constantly changing and folks need to adapt to keep up.

One of my favorite classes, and I’m sure many others here would agree, which Marti facilitates is Click It or Ticket: The Power of Positive Feedback. Her two favorite co-facilitators help Marti present this class and their names are Cali and Trina. They just happen to be two of her extremely talented collie dogs. Marti developed this class before she started working for Eat’n Park 8 years ago. However, Eat’n Park was the only company who would allow her to bring Trina and Cali in to co-facilitate the class. Marti’s philosophy is that people are better at remembering learning which is engaging. Fun is entertaining, but when you are engaged you learn. Trina and Cali are engaging and not easy to forget. Click or Ticket: The Power of Positive Feedback is one of the classes I have taken that I remember the most!

Since Marti is such the super developer; I asked her what advice she would give someone that is just starting their career. She said to continually look for opportunities to develop. Go out and volunteer. Marti was just 15 years old when, during a volunteer event, she had her first opportunity to facilitate. She just loved it! With practice and feedback she honed her skills. She met a lot of like minded people and built her network. She continually works to build and maintain her network. Marti’s last words of advice where “get out of your comfort zone and network, network, network!

Comments on: "Development Goes to the Dogs" (3)

  1. Hi Ms. Sharlow,

    I have been attempting to upload my resume to Eat ‘n Park’s Corporate Support Center website to apply for the graphic design position in Homestead, PA. However, the PDF will not upload. Since it is a graphic design position that I am applying for, I think it is important for my resume to be viewed in the format it is intended (versus plain text). Is there an email address I can send it to?

    Megan McGregor

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