Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Tessa started with Eat’n Park as a loyal guest. We love loyal guests here at Eat’n Park !. Tessa graduated from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, and had a great relationship and great respect for food as well as the food business. After a while, she thought “If I’m going to spend all of my time at Eat’n Park, I may as well get paid for it.” So without further adieu she applied to become a greeter.

However, Tessa wanted to make more of a difference and spread recognition amongst the team. She thought she could do that best as a Shift Manager. She asked the Assistant Managers and Managers at her restaurant what she needed to do to reach her goal of becoming a shift manager. They discussed with her that she needed to talk to the General Manager. Tessa was hesitant to do so, but she really wanted to become a Shift Manager so she tracked him down to ask him. To her surprise it wasn’t scary at all. He was very supportive of her goal and clearly explained to her the steps that she needed to take to become a Shift Manager.

Since that time Tessa has successfully not only became a Certified Shift Manager, but she was promoted to an Assistant Manager in October 2011. She said she loves working for a local company which offers so many different opportunities. She has goals to become a General Manger as well as a District Manager. She stated that “You have to have goals so you can figure out how to get there. Learn as much as you can now so you can prepare for the future”.

I asked her some advice for all the new folks out there. She said to be diligent. “Don’t stop something because you don’t like it. To keep going, find something you like about it. Don’t stop working at it until you are really done.”

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