Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

What’s Next?

When you talk to Mike, the General Manager of The Porch, you think “Wow… What could possibly be next for Mike?” He started as a bus person at the Eat’n Park on Route 51. From there he tackled the management training program. Mike’s been all over Eat’n Park country. He has managed restaurants as north as Erie, to Uniontown, and ventured to Ohio. In total, Mike has managed 22 restaurants in the over the 20 years that he’s been with Eat’n Park. Two of those restaurants he has opened as a General Manager.

Now, Mike is the General Manager of one of Eat’n Park’s newest ventures, The Porch. Always wanting to learn and take on new things, Mike took the challenge of opening a new concept restaurant.  To check out more about The Porch go to

I asked Mike what has kept me at Eat’n Park so long. His quick reply was, “It’s the people. You know everybody on a personal basis. They value your opinion. You can talk to everyone and it’s not awkward.”

Since Mike is so successful, I also asked him for some advice for folks that are just starting their careers. He said, “You are going to have good days and bad days. Don’t focus on the bad days. You really don’t have a lot of bad days. But for some reason people like to get stuck in them. Train your mind to evaluate the bad days, see what went wrong and then just shake it off. Be dedicated and disciplined to achieve your goals everyday.”

I asked Mike what was next for him. He shared with me that he is always learning and growing so he’s ready for the next experience – whatever that may be.

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