Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

One of my favorite things about my job is going out to the restaurants and talking with Management and Team Members. Recently, I got to chat with JoAnn Walk the General Manger, of one of, our McKnight Road restaurants.

JoAnn has been with Eat’n Park for 13 years. Being an awesome person, and manager, it only took her 3 years and 7 months to be promoted to the role of General Manager. She started with Eat’n Park directly after receiving her Hospitality degree from The Pennsylvania State University. JoAnn had 5 job offers upon her graduation. I had to ask her how Eat’n Park was lucky enough to snag her away from the competition. She responded by saying “It was all about the quality of life. Eat’n Park offers one weekend off a month and full benefits at day one.”  In addition she liked the idea that the company was small enough to let you reach out and speak directly to senior management while being big enough to offer opportunities.

Being a General Manager has been an eye opening experience for JoAnn. She strives to build on her leadership skills every day. Each day, she has impact on a tremendous amount of people which is a responsibility she takes seriously. JoAnn spoke of her first restaurant she had as General Manager. She had many challenging situations laid at her feet. But, of course, JoAnn rallied and met the challenges.  Her father saying all the while, “Yes, you can do this.” He was right.  She could do the job and do it so well that she was later promoted to a Training General Manager. JoAnn loves being a Training General Manager. She loves to mold people and watch them grow. Her management trainees stay in contact with her even after they have been promoted. They call her and text her with questions. She loves to be part of their continued growth.

What she likes best about Eat’n Park is the culture. It is family based and personal. You see Jeff, the CEO, out and about in the restaurants. He always stops to say hi.

Since JoAnn is a smashing success I asked her for advice to spread around. She said to work hard and always do the right thing. It is a toughie always trying to do the ethical thing but it is right decision in the long run. “Treat others like you like to be treated and you can’t go wrong.”

Thank you JoAnn!

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