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Back in April we featured an interview with District Manager, Keith Lester. During the interview, Keith talked about his memories of Eat’n Park’s first ever Team Member Appreciation Day back when he was the General Manager at the Uniontown location.

If you haven’t read the interview yet, you can check it out here: Team Member Appreciation from a District Manager’s Perspective

This year, Jana and I, were the Corporate Support Center team members assigned to work at the Uniontown location for Team Member Appreciation Day.  Even though I have been with Eat’n Park for five years – and working at the CSC for three of them – this was my FIRST ever Team Member Appreciation Day.  I was excited to get back into the restaurant to appreciate the team.  Especially, the Uniontown team, because it was the restaurant where I spent the first two years of my career as a Manager with Eat’n Park.  I was also really looking forward to celebrating my 5 year service award with the team who became my Eat’n Park family.

Jana and I both came to the CSC by way of operations, but we promptly learned how quickly you forget tasks that were once part of every day life.  Jana spent time working in the kitchen learning how to make some of our new menu items, learning how to ice and face mini Smiley cookies and learning how to make smoothies.  I spent my time helping out in the prep department – plucking, what felt like, endless flats of strawberries and weighing up various products for use in the kitchen later that day.  I also helped face Smiley cookies and Jana, Shirley (the Baker) and I taught each other our own personal techniques to get the ‘perfect’ face on the cookie.

The best part of the day was the Service Award celebration.  Team members who are celebrating their 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service are recognized during these awards.  The Uniontown General Manager, Kim, really puts a lot of thought, and heart, into the service awards each year.  Kim picks a different theme every year for the awards – this year the theme was “Awards with Friends.”  (A spin on the ‘Words with Friends’ game that many play on their phones and online.)  Mindy, the Assistant Manager, and her Food Team, also put a lot of heart into the food that is served at the celebration.

During the award presentation each team member has their moment in the spotlight and is recognized.  A funny story or two may also be shared!  Jana commented that it was cool to see how many team members came to the service award celebration to see their fellow coworkers receive their service award.  It really is a family restaurant.

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