Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Abbey Says…

Today’s Team Member Spotlight focuses on Abbey, Manager at the Waterfront Eat’n Park.  Abbey initially got her feet wet in the hospitality industry during her time at Kennywood Park. She worked at the amusement park through her high school and college years. Abbey worked at the Pizza Warehouse that is located within the park. She started as a team member, but soon the ultra talented Abbey was managing the establishment.

Abbey started her college career at Penn State as a Political Science major, but soon found that that discipline just wasn’t for her. Given that she wanted to make lots of money in her day, she switched her major to Business. But, after taking an accounting class she decided that not only did she want to make money, but she also wanted to have fun too!  Abbey then switched her major to Penn State’s Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management degree program. And I know that I am so glad she decided to do that!

Upon graduation Abbey had lots of interviews with various organizations. However, she decided to take a job with Eat’n Park because the Recruiter told her that Eat’n Park has a passion for people. She told me the recruiter was indeed correct.

Her favorite thing about Eat’n Park is the people you work with. She has a good time managing her shifts and gets the job done. That is a great combination. In addition, she likes the fact that she knows who she is working for and they know her. The CEO, President, and Senior Vice President and her District Manager all know her name.

Abbey has now worked for Eat’n Park for 5 ½ years. She commented that the best thing that has happened to her is that she has been given the chance to grow and learn. Abbey’s career advice is simple:  “Don’t sweat your mistakes. Learn for your mistakes and move on.”

Thank you, Abbey!

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