Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Cody was just killing time before joining the service to learn how to fly helicopters when he got a summer job at Eat’n Park. Going into this job he only expected to wash dishes. He didn’t expect to meet so many great people and a wonderful girlfriend. Cody also didn’t expect to be a key player on a fun, but competitive, soft ball team. Given that he had just moved to the area when he started working at Eat’n Park he really didn’t know anyone. But that didn’t matter. He made all the new friends he could handle while working at Eat’n Park.

The General Manager soon noticed what a fabulous team member they had in Cody. He was soon cooking and soon after that he was being groomed as a Shift Manager. As soon as he turned 18 he was running shifts.

To gain experience Cody transferred to another Eat’n Park restaurant. Soon after being transferred, he entered the Management Training Program. Since then Cody has managed Clarion, Butler and his current restaurant – the Eat’n Park in Hermitage.

Cody loves the people and the softball at Eat’n Park. All of his District Managers and General Managers, and fellow management have been great coaches. The team is more like a family than bosses and co-workers. He said, “It’s been fun. I never thought I would get so far. Some one can give you an opportunity. What you do with that opportunity is totally up to you. Work hard, stay focused and USE YOUR PLANNER!”

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