Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Stan started in the restaurant business in 1985 as a dishwasher at the Old York Steak House chain. Management of the Old York Steak House quickly realized that they hired a talented team member.  Stan was soon cross trained in the kitchen and shortly after became the cook trainer. Unfortunately, Old York Steak House’s closed their restaurants in the Youngstown’s area. But, fortunately, for Stan he was an awesome team member and was given the opportunity to move to Reading, Pennsylvania to continue working with the chain as an Assistant Manager. He worked in Reading for 2 years before he moved back to the Youngstown area where he then worked at Kenny Rogers and Ponderosa as an Assistant Manager. Wanting to round out his restaurant experience he took a job at Dad’s Sweet Tooth. Stan learned to decorate wedding cakes, cater, run a gift shop, everything there is to learn about ice-cream, and how to expertly gift wrap anything.

As Stan was learning about ice-cream, his sister was learning what a great place Eat’n Park Restaurants was to work. Being an awesome sister, she told Stan he just had to work for Eat’n Park, too, and the rest is history.

Stan has worked at many different Eat’n Parks and has loved every one of them. He has even opened a new Eat’n Park Restaurant! Stan was also very proud to tell me two other managers from his management orientation group are still with Eat’n Park.  Hi Donna and Betty!

Stan loves the family atmosphere at Eat’n Park. You get the personal touch at every level. He knows upper management supports his personal needs as well as his career aspirations. In addition, he likes the fact that the Corporate Support Center is local. Not some far off place one can never go to and all you do is to wait for answers that never come. Finally, Stan loves the company’s structure and the awesome classes offered by the Training Department.

Stan says to be patient with your career. Sometimes you think you are ready for something, but you are really not. Listen to the feedback people are giving you. When the student is ready the teacher is sure to appear! Voice your opinion properly. That means plan what you want to say, speak the other person’s language, and convey your thoughts at the right time at the right place.

Thank you, Stan!

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