Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Gina started working for the Park Classic Diner in Boardman, Ohio when she was 16 years old. She has never looked back! She was driving past the Diner, thought it was cute, so she just pulled in and asked for an application. She just had to work there. The Diner was crazy busy when it opened. At closing time they had an hour wait at the door. Those are some of her fondest memories. Gina said the Diner had the best atmosphere. They had hula-hoops, games for kids, and everyone would dance and sing to the YMCA song. They were all about people. Gina soon moved from the server area to the kitchen. She learned how to hand flip omelets. Soon after learning how to cook Gina was trained on how to manage shifts.  She liked that you could talk to the guests while you made their food.

Culinary school took Gina from Ohio to Pittsburgh so she transferred to work as a server in an Eat’n Park Restaurant. After working on McKnight Road, she worked at the Chippewa Eat’n Park for one day before she was asked to return to the Diner to help close the brand. After the closing of the Diner, Gina worked as a Shift Supervisor at Boardman Eat’n Park for 2 years before she was accepted into the Management Training Program. After her training at Austintown Eat’n Park concluded she was assigned to the Eat’ n Park in Warren.

She loves Eat’ n Park because they put people first. She loves Kennywood and Cedar Point days. The District Manager’s all know your name and your family’s names.

Gina’s words of wisdom are to accept change. It’s going to happen so relax and enjoy it. There is so much to learn that you are going to make mistakes. You only need to learn from them. You never stop learning.

Thank You Gina!

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