Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Today’s Robin

While attending school Robin was hired as a greeter and server at our restaurant in Penn Hills. She was such as talented team member she was soon asked to become a Server Trainer. She continued to work for Eat’n Park while pursuing her Family Study degree.  Robin also completed a summer internship at Eat’n Park Corporate Support Center. Because she was training in family studies she oversaw the company’s United Way Campaign. The internship was a great learning experience. It not only enhanced her knowledge of non-profit organizations, but it also increased her ability to network. After she graduated from college she left Eat’n Park to pursue a career in family studies. But, after 13 years of a successful family studies career she decided it wasn’t for her. She decided to switch careers and go back to the place that originally had helped her develop in to the person she is today. She decided to go into Eat’n Park management and has since never looked back.

Robin’s favorite memory of Eat’n Park, hands down, is meeting her husband there. They met in 1996 and the rest is history. Eat’n Park was her first job and it got her through college. She has met not only her husband, but also a lot of other great people. In a way Eat’n Park has modeled her personality. She was so young when she started, being a server and a greeter helped develop her social skills. Today she knows a lot of great people and has a beautiful family.

People are down to earth at Eat’n Park. Other companies are apt to embrace business first, not people. It’s a different company.

Robin says “to learn one more new thing everyday and expect the unexpected. Learning can be slow at first, but never give up. Things are going to happen that you are not prepared for. But just weigh the situation, follow your values and you will make the right decision.”

Thank You, Robin!

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