Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Today’s Eric

Eric graduated from Penn State with a Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management Degree. He was thinking about what his next steps were going to be. Given that he was such a great networker in school, he reached out to an old college friend who just happened to be a Recruiter for Eat’n Park Hospitality Group.  How great! Soon, he was in contact with Eat’n Park’s Restaurant Recruiter and the rest was history.

Eric started on January 5, 2005. The very next day he got to go to the Convention Center for the roll out of Eat’n Park’s ICARE program. It was a HUGE event. Every member of management attended. Eric thought “Wow, did I make the right decision joining this company!” Eric’s fondest memory was when he was promoted to Manager. Great job Eric!

Eric loves the family atmosphere here at Eat’n Park. From top to bottom folks care about you. They care about the good you are doing as well as the not so good that you are doing. Every one at the Corporate Support Center, the District Mangers, General Managers, your co-workers as well as the hourly team members are willing to help and support you.

Eric says: “To work hard and ask as many questions as you can. You are going to learn everyday of your career. You are going to learn so much you may be upside down! If you don’t understand something ask.” He said he has been blessed by the fact that he has worked with so many wonderful people. Every General Manger he has worked with has taught him something different. Everyone has played a part in what he is today. He is not the same person who walked through Eat’n Park’s door the first time.

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