Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

If I wanted to write a really short blog today about Angela it would be… Angela’s glass is always half full. Period.  In fact, that should be her new nickname. If you want a reminder on how to stay positive go talk to Angela it will be a good experience for you. I think I will call her once in a while to top off my tank of positive energy.

Angela was going to college for Accounting when she realized it wasn’t exciting enough for her. She spoke with her advisor and they told her that she was only learning the ground work and that it would get more exciting as she progressed. But, alas, she didn’t see the excitement building so she switched her major to Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management. Her life has been exciting ever since! She did receive a minor in economics.

Her first experience at working at a restaurant was Taco Bell. She admits that at first, she was the worst employee ever. Angela just wanted the money and she didn’t care about what she was doing. At the end of the semester she went home for the summer. Later in the summer, when she called Taco Bell to let them know she was coming back to school and she could come back to work, she was surprised when they said they didn’t want her back. The General Manager told her she called off too much and wasn’t a good employee when she did show up for work. At that moment, she told her manager that if he let her come back that she would be the best employee that he ever had. Guess what… she did become the ideal employee. After her manager saw what she could do, he quickly trained her on how to manage shifts.  She worked there for 3 years. Angela really learned how to problem solve when she managed shifts.

After she graduated Angela had a ton of interviews. She narrowed it down to Eat’n Park and one other company. She toured both facilities. At Eat’n Park she observed team members of various ages. At the other company almost every team member was her age. This was a big red flag to her. She didn’t want to expire at her job once she hit 30. She wanted to grow with the company picked, so she went with Eat’n Park.

She loves Eat’ Park’s community involvement. She has run her restaurant’s Caring for Kids and United Way campaigns every year. Angela knows how to get involved. Recently, Angela attended a walk for a friend of hers and was very proud and happy to see Smiley’s tent there too.

Angela says to be patient. You’ll learn everything with time. Most people jump in with both feet and are disappointed when things don’t happen right away. Embrace change and you’ll always move forward.

Thank you, Half Full Angela!

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