Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Ava, always supporting her friends, volunteered to help them at a Caring for Kids Campaign event.  She didn’t know at the time it would lead to a job. But the General Manager was so impressed with how Ava interacted with all the guests; she soon had to be his newest greeter.  Isn’t that just the best memory of starting a new job?  Ava has had a leading role in every Caring for Kids Campaign since she started her career with Eat’n Park.  She has been a co-chair person and a chair person for 2 years.  She expects to have an amazing campaign this year! GO AVA!!

Ava started as a greeter and soon worked her way around the restaurant.  She trained as a server, cook, on the salad bar, and eventually a shift manager.  Since Ava likes responsibility and challenges, she entered the management training program.  She thought she knew everything before her management training started and was surprised to learn she needed to know a whole lot more!

What she loves the most about Eat’n Park is the atmosphere.  Everyone is friendly.  She can call any Eat’n Park, let them know what she needs and they’ll be her BFF.  She loves that Eat’n Park managers receive one weekend off a month and that the company strives to help management achieve a strong work/life balance.  She brought her mother to her Dale Carnegie graduation. Her mother was blown away by how welcoming everyone was. Her mother got to meet the CEO as well as the Sr. Vice President of Operations. You can’t do that at every company!

Since Ava always likes to share, here is her advice to newer managers:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Take as many classes as you can, because classes are informational and you’ll put the information to good use.
  • Read everything you can.

Ava is going to keep learning and growing with Eat’n Park because one restaurant isn’t quite enough of a challenge for her.  Thank you Ava!

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