Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Aimee attended St. Vincent University for Public Relations. Alas, when she graduated there were not any jobs in her discipline available. So instead she took a job managing a retail store. Given that Aimee is family friendly, and the retail store was not Aimee soon left. She then moved on and taught pre-school for a while, but that wasn’t really paying the bills. A family friend opened a restaurant so she then started serving. At last she finally found her calling! Needing a career, not just a job, she applied to work at her local Eat’n Park. Needing yet more stability in her life, then what being a server offered, she soon entered Eat’n Park’s Management Training Program.

Aimee completed her management training at the Eat’n Park restaurant in Irwin. Her first restaurant out of training was our restaurant in Murrysville. She has also worked at our locations in Whitehall, Monongahela, Uniontown and her current location in Washington. Aimee, most recently, spent a few weeks at our Triadelphia Eat’n Park filling in as a General Manager.  What a cool experience, huh!?  She is the queen of pick up windows. She has opened pick up windows in three different locations.

She loves the people, management and hourly folks, at Eat’n Park. Aimee has made countless friendships over the years. Aimee says some days may be stressful, but you always need to remember the day will end. Keep your eye on the prize and there is always room for advancement. Always think about the big picture.

Thank you Aimee!

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