Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Dave had his best purple shorts and black pop rock t-shirt on when he decided to apply for a position at his local Eat’n Park. He had just turned 16 and figured it was about time that he got his first job. Dave was surprised when he got an interview. He figured he would just pick up applications and fill them out later; but at Eat’n Park he was served an interview with his application. Well, Dave got the job. He started as a bus person, worked his way through a few other departments before becoming a service supervisor by the age of 18. He loved his job but he wanted a bit more. This is when Dave decided to attend the University of Pittsburgh and study Human Resource Management and Marketing.

In order to be able to work and attend school, Dave transferred to an Eat’n Park which is located right next to the Pitt campus. Everything was going along great until… yikes…Dave broke has ankle. At first Dave decided to take a leave of absence from Eat’n Park. Later on he decided to leave Eat’ n Park all together.  He started working in an office doing research. There weren’t any windows in the office and really not much conversation going on. Dave thought, ‘yikes what am I doing here?’ He began looking for a new job. Then he started working for Wendy’s as a manager.

Dave worked at Wendy’s for 2 ½ years. Then one fateful day he accompanied his mom to a friend’s wedding. Some Eat’n Park folks were attending the wedding, too. They wondered, ‘why in the world, if Dave wanted to manage a restaurant, he wasn’t managing an Eat’n Park?’.  And well, the rest is history. Dave trained at the Eat’n Park in New Stanton and then moved west to Ohio.

Dave was promoted to manager in 1 ½ years and promoted to general manager in 3. And now he was most recently promoted to training general manager. Great job Dave!

I asked Dave his favorite Eat’n Park menu item. He likes to get creative and make up has own items. But basically he loves anything deep fried and anything with Alfredo sauce.

Dave loves the people that he as met and the opportunities he has been given. “People have taken the time to help me improve my skill set and make me think about things differently. Everyone I have worked with has been totally different. This is really nice… it has helped me learn a lot. And I am ready to share that knowledge with everyone else.”

Dave – You rock!

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