Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

We did it AGAIN….Eat’n Park is again named winner for Best Practices 2012.

People Report and Black Box Intelligence revealed the winners of their 2012 Best Practices awards which honor restaurant companies for exceptional workplace practices and results.

People Report said honorees were evaluated on their retention of both managers and employees, the diversity of their workforces, compensation practices, community involvement, corporate responsibility and initiatives in sustainable practices.

“These awards are coveted and are not easily given – These are not popularity contests the companies are evaluated on quantitative measures.”-  Joni Thomas Doolin, Founder and chief executive of the People Report.

Our very own Karen Bolden attributes our success to great operating teams back in the field that keep a smile not only on our guests’ faces but on our team members’ faces also. She talks about how we engage our company to challenge our leadership to volunteer and to engage each other.

Engagement and the ultimate cost

 With today’s economy and war-for-talent, turnover alone is something businesses must think about for the future, as it’s directly connected to engagement. Disengagement can be challenging to remedy; also, it costs organizations billions a year in lost productivity alone.

As a leader within my company how can I increase engagement among my employees?

  • PEER-TO-PEER      RECOGNITION – done right! Create  a viral culture of recognition in your business by creating ways for your     employees to give recognition to each other.
  • PERFORMANCE      RECOGNITION– that gets results!  When you give recognition for performance, you inspire your people to reach their full potential. This can be done by providing gifts cards,  free meals, or being open to ways they’d like to be rewarded for their      performance.

SPOT RECOGNITION that’s on the spot!  Create managers’ kits with award certificates, reward coupons,      appreciation cards and more. These are ways to instantly appreciate      employees. It gives them “bragging rights” and also creates an environment  for friendly competition.

Thank you for all you do to keep our guests and team members smiling!

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