Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

BarbIf I had to sum Barb up in one word, that word would be happy. Even when something does go wrong, she just smiles and takes care of the situation. What a great concept! Now I understand why her restaurant does everything so well. Believe it or not, when Barb first moved to the Sumerset area, she thought no one wanted to hire her. No one wanting to have Barb around is a pretty hard concept for me to understand. Because Eat’n Park management recognizes talent when they see it they hired Barb right away. The rest is history!

Barb was hired as a server and was soon promoted to the Service Supervisor position. She attended a Service Supervisor meeting where the CEO of the company was so impressed with her insightful comments; he soon offered her a Dining Room Manager position. She held this position for the next 16 years; it was a great fit. She was able to raise her three children and have a great career. After her daughter’s senior year of school, she decided to take her career to the next level and went into the management training program. She was promoted to manger and shortly after that she was promoted to General Manager.

Barb loves the contact she has with her guests and knows folks from all over the country. She has guests that stop in a few times a day to guests that stop in three or four times a year. She also loves that Eat’n Park supports the local community. When she calls for help someone is always there.

Barb’s best advice is that the day always ends so don’t get frustrated. When someone asks for the manager, don’t assume it’s always going to be bad news. Barb’s guests tell her about their great service all the time! Always look at the good and don’t focus on the bad. Sit down and eat a great chocolate chip cookie with a great cup of coffee and know that tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Thank you Barb!

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