Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

After many conversations with many friends and family about work and home life struggles-whether it be with teenagers not doing what the parents have asked of them the first time or friends speaking on the leadership model of current their employers.  It is applicable to pose the question- What is the most effective leadership/managerial style?   The next series of Blogs will focus on Leadership /Managerial styles. Today we’ll talk about Micromanaging and how effective this style is in the workplace.

So what is Micro-management?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary Micro-management means to manage especially with excessive control or attention to detail.

The positive points of this stlye of management


Micro-managing is helpful when folks a new in their roles or if they are learning a new skill or have a new job duty.  But as a person learns you want to micromanage less so the person can put their own thoughts, ideas, and processes into what they do. The less accountable an employee is the more their supervisor needs to keep up to date with the person’s deliverables.


When a company is audited, for whatever reason, there are usually feelings of unease and tension.  It is times like this a little micro managing helps a situation. A special set of analytical eyes is helpful to meet the scrutiny from outside the company.

Over the Long Run

Overall consistent pattern of micro-management style, suggests to employees that a manager does not trust their work or decisions, it is a key factor in triggering employee disengagement, often to the point of promoting a dysfunctional and unfriendly work environment in which one or more employees, or even management generally, are branded “control freaks”. In our personal lives it creates the exasperating yet natural resistance that occurs between child and parent, when one continually over manages or suggests the trash to be taken out or the dishwasher is to be loaded over and over again.  Also by repeatedly controlling every situation, employees become de-motivated after all, they know their work is going to be scrutinized and reworked by the manager anyway, so why bother trying. More importantly, the employees fail to learn and adapt to new situations, since it is never truly up to them to succeed or fail.-The Horse Whisperer


The comical thing about micromanagement is that we diagnose it when we see it, and we are extremely conscious of it when it happens to us, but we hardly, if ever,recognize or admit when we do it ourselves.

Now there will be times when folks are either unable or unwilling to perform the tasks given to them however, micromanaging works best if -you micromanage yourself. By getting into the detail of just what you do, how often and why, you will find out some ineffective and bad practices that need to stop.

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