Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

DanDan was a successful salesman and business owner; however, that type of work made it hard to balance a family and a career. Speaking of his family, he thought ‘you can’t complete the important task of tucking your two girls into bed when you are driving across the country working non stop’. Given that Dan had worked in a restaurant while in college, he wasn’t a stranger to the restaurant business. He looked into Eat’n Park and made a career change.

Dan loves Eat’n Park Hospitality Group’s brand diversity, which gives said company a nice balance. If one division has a challenging year the other division will balance it out by having a great year. He also loves that ENPHG is growing! A new restaurant opened this year and will be followed by another.

Folks always think the grass is always greener on the other side; Dan’s best advice is to find contentment and happiness where you are. People get frustrated and quit without really thinking about the big picture. Folks need to seek leadership and guidance to help them work out their challenges. Dan said, “This, too, shall pass, so just find someone to help you through it.”

Dan’s favorite meal is the Santa Fe Sandwich; he likes a little spice to his food. He also wanted to remind us that holidays are coming up, so pay it forward. Go out and do something nice for someone. Help guide someone through their stressful moment so they can help you have yours!

Awesome Dan!

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