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Boyfriend Bill

Bill a -2Bill needed an internship to graduate from the University of Indiana of Pennsylvania with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant management. His professors told him what a great internship program Eat’n Park Restaurant’s had, so he went to talk to our recruiter. Because his girlfriend at the time lived in DuBois, Pennsylvania, he requested that he complete his internship in the DuBois area. So Bill had an enjoyable summer and completed college credits while enjoying the company of his girlfriend. After his internship was over, and because Bill enjoyed his internship so much, he decided to take a full time assistant manager position with the Hospitality Group. But since his new girlfriend, at that time, lived in the Lower Burrell area, he requested that he move to that area. And since ENPR loves love.. well, we made that happen, too.

Bill just fell in love with the Pittsburgh area. He loves all the restaurants, museums and that great entertainment is not in short supply. Bill loves ENPR because of how the company supports the team members; this is manifested in all the long term team members. Also the fact that the CEO knows your name is very uncommon. Top to bottom everyone has your back. You can’t find that many places. The diversity of the brands keeps the company solid in an uncertain economy. Opportunity just keeps a knocking.

Bill’s advice to new folks is not to be afraid to ask questions and to ask for help during stressful times. Every one needs help. You just need to ask.

His favorite dish is rosemary chicken with rice and the salad bar. The salad bar is an adventure, so use it wisely.

Thank you, Bill!

Comments on: "Boyfriend Bill" (2)

  1. Dave Burch said:

    Congrats Bill!! I remember those days of sitting in those classes at IUP next to you!

  2. Beverley Apfl said:

    Billy this is great!! I am so proud of you..IT seems like yesterday you were in and doing your internship. Pittsburgh is a great area I dont blame you for living out there even though your family misses you!! We love visiting you and we especially love eating at Eat N’ Park when we are out there!! GREAT pic of you!!
    Love, Mom

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