Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Matt SmolenMatt started with Eat’n Park as a dishwasher at one of our Johnstown restaurants. What started out as a summer job ended up being a 14-year relationship. He attended an Eat’n Park open house and even met the upper management of Eat’n Park at a Meet the Staff event. He knew after he attended both of those events that Eat’n Park was the place for him. So, after he graduated from IUP with a degree in Hospitality Management, he entered the management training program.

He trained at our restaurant in Indiana. After his training he worked at our restaurants in Johnstown and Altoona.  It didn’t take him long to be promoted to manager and then to General Manager. He is currently the General Manager at Eat’n Park’s restaurant in Indiana.

Matt loves all of the personal time he has received from the company over the years. The company is all about family; it’s a family restaurant that functions like a family.  Once during a hockey play off game, his boss told him that a player was due for a goal. Well, it just so happens that this particular player scored the wining goal during that very game. When his boss called him to review some business items, at the end of the conversion, he brought up the game. His boss said how he was right about the game and laughed. It was at that moment that Matt realized how good the company was at building personal relationships.

Matt loves all the people that he works with. He loves the guests, his team members, his colleagues and upper management. Matt says that leadership is all about people. Leadership is not all about the tasks. Seek input and advice and you can’t go wrong.

Currently, Matt enjoys the herb crusted chicken; but he switches up what he orders all the time. He’ll see a menu item coming out of the kitchen that looks great and he’ll order that. He’s always forgetting how good some items are and needs to eat them again to be reminded.

Matt you score a wining goal every shift! Thank you!

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