Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

In the book titled What got you there wont get you there- the author Marshall Goldsmith seeks to identify habits in the workplace that often keep successful people from making the next big leap in their career and in life.

Here are a few of the habits that hold you back from the top

1.)    Winning too much: The need to win at all costs and in all situations.

2.)    Adding too much value: The overwhelming desire to add our 2cents to every conversation.

3.)    Making destructive comments: The needless sarcasm and cutting remarks that we think make us witty.

4.)    Passing judgment: The need to rate others and impose our standards on them.

5.)    Telling the world how smart we are: The need to show people we’re smarter than they think we are.

6.) Speaking when angry: Using emotional volatility as a management tool.

7.) Withholding information: The refusal to share information in order to maintain an advantage     over others.

8.) Failing to give proper recognition: The inability to give praise and reward.

9.) Clinging to the past: The need to deflect blame away from ourselves and onto events and people from our past; a subset of blaming everyone else.

10.) Failing to express regret: The most basic of bad manners.

If you’ve enjoyed the Don’ts…Please stay tuned for next weeks tips on how to change for the better.

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