Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Brittany MuthandBrittany’s goal was to play softball on a winning team while earning a four year degree and enjoy her college life. And she did all three! She received her four year degree in business and accounting and was the designated hitter on her softball team, which won the nation championship 53 to 6. Brittany loved attending a smaller school where everyone knew your name. In between softball and school, she worked at two bars and a restaurant. She did everything from washing dishes, prepping, serving and bartending. She enjoyed working in the restaurants so much she decided that one day she would own her own sports bar in Colorado on the Vale. By the way, she loves to snow ski.

Brittany loves the people and the family atmosphere at Eat’n Park. She knows the CEO, Jeff Broadhurst, and has attended events with him. Her peer advisor, Erin, was greatly helpful; she could ask him how to do just about anything. He even showed her how to count dishes on his night off. Wow, what an awesome peer! Best of all, she gets to have fun and play softball with other Eat’n Park managers.

Brittany says to jump right in and learn as much as you can during training. Ask questions about everything, even if you think it’s a dumb question. Your General Manager, fellow managers and hourly team members can all be your teachers.

Brittany is working hard on being promoted to manager. Go Brittany! We know you’ll knock that one out of the park too!

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