Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Meshell BrananWhile Meshell was attending high school, the local schools decided to consolidate. This consolidation was going to send Meshell’s friends to different schools. Also, it would break up Meshell’s Scooby gang. Not wanting this to happen, the friends all decided to sign up for food service classes at the local vo-tech school. This strategy not only kept the friends together, Meshell enjoyed it so much she decided to make food service her career.

After graduating from IUP with a culinary degree, Meshell worked as a chef; but she soon decided she really wanted to interact with people more. Kitchens were fun but they didn’t create enough interaction with other folks. She soon decided to go back to IUP and graduated with a B. S. in Hospitality Management.

Always thinking ahead, Meshell interviewed and got a job with Eat’n Park restaurants before she even graduated. She breezed through her finals knowing she already had a job. She completed her management training in our restaurant in New Kensington. It didn’t take her long to be promoted to manager and then finally to General Manager.

Meshell said that everything looks so big when you are just starting out. She remembered the first time she was on shift when the power went out. She didn’t know what to do and thought that the restaurant would shut down. She was on the verge of freaking out when her DM called and calmed her down. They told her that she was fine and that these things happen. Now Meshell stays calm, cool and collected during storms, fires, tornadoes, no power or water. Stuff happens… you just need to keep calm and carry on.

Meshell’s advice to everyone is that you get out of everything what you put in it; you just can’t just get by. You need to put real effort into it, be motived and go after what you want. And don’t forget to stay calm, cool and collected.

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