Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Businesses put a lot of time and money into recruiting, screening, interviewing and processing new employees. Discovering the mix of skills and experience and the right personality to fit the job takes time. Unfortunately, the energy often stops after the new employee orientation the first day on the job.

Why is its important to continue to make my employees feel welcomed?

While employers screen a new employee to see if they are going to be successful, new employees are also assessing their decision to take a job as well. The more you do to make new employees feel welcome and integrate into the workplace can help them decide that the job was a right choice. Here are some tips to help make new employees feel welcome.

  • Set up the new employee’s work area with everything that they will need to start working. Stock their desk or work space with office supplies like paper clips and a stapler, pens and whatever else they need the first day on the job.
  • Set up their computer with logins and passwords. Nothing is more frustrating than coming to work and not being able to login and set up your system
  • If possible, order uniforms and other special equipment so it is available within the first week or so. Uniforms give employees an identity and help them feel like part of the team.
  • Order name tags once the offer is accepted, and hand them out the first day at work. This helps other employees get to know the “newbie’s” name and encourages introductions.
  • Post a picture of the new employee in the cafeteria, bulletin board in his/her work area, and on the company’s Intranet, Facebook page, or newsletter.

Remember- Your first impression is your lasting impression.

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