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Top 3 Interviewing mistakes of Generation-Millennial.

Blog 1.20.2014According to a new survey by recruiting firm Adecco, hiring managers are three times more likely to hire a worker that is 50-years-old or older than hire a millennial.

So what is a millennial?

Millennial workers as those born between 1981 and 2000, meaning workers age 31 and under.

Here are the top are the top 3 mistakes millennial’s interviews are making

#1 Wearing Inappropriate Interview Attire

The top interview mistake is wearing the wrong clothing.  In an interview, stay away from flashy jewelry, plunging necklines, too-short hemlines, t-shirts, and shoes that are too casual or too difficult to walk in. “You never want to wear something that can be distracting, so if you have to think twice about it—skip it.”

#2 Having posted questionable Social Media Content

An overwhelming majority (70%) of hiring managers said millennial make the mistake of posting potentially compromising content on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Conversely, managers reported that only 19% of older workers post improper content. According to a recent survey by Intel, top social media faux pas include posting inappropriate or explicit photos, sharing too-personal information about yourself or others, using profanity, and writing with poor grammar and spelling.

#3 Don’t ask Enough Questions

Three in five interviewers say that millennials often show a lack of interest in the job by not asking questions about the company or position. If you don’t ask smart questions, you’ll appear indifferent or clueless and unprepared.

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