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2010 Color Scholarship LogoWe are thrilled to announce that over 50! Eat’n Park team members are the recipients of the 2014 Eat’n Park Scholarship Award. Each scholarship winner has been identified as a leader in his or her restaurant and community, and has demonstrated a wonderful focus for our customers.

Please join me in congratulating the 2014 Scholarship winners!

Jenna Abramowich
Korynn Agnew
Brandon Alanskas
Heather Atkinson
Jacob Beers
Leanna Bell
Alexandra Blose
Pamela Bonnett
Lindsey Briant
Josephine Brigham
David Burnside
Zachery Cerra
Jacqueline Clark
Stephen Cox
Valerie Dunlap
Amanda Fischer
Jacob Fricioni
Rachel Fricioni
Shaye Gaetano
Erin Gramm
James Gregor
Melanie Gumina
Olivia Hall
Jalina Hawkins
Diane Jacobson
Dylan Jeffrey
Nicole Johns
Amanda Johnston
Samantha Kabat
melisa lambe
Jennifer Lenhart
Karlie Long
Brandi McKnight
Sage Messenger
Lisamarie Moss
Samantha Moss
Alexandra Neidhardt
Elizabeth Oda
Hannah Pelger
Samantha Reich
Ethan Ritenour
Madeline Robison
Cara Scagline
Nathan Shoup
Angelina Simmons
James Stenger
Dominique Strickland
Delia Thayer
Jennifer Urban
Jessica VanNewkirk
Shelby Weissert
Meghan Whiteside
Mya Williams
Shante Wright


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