Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Hello fellow followers. I’m sure you can all relate to there being times of you not wanting to be kind to people who aren’t behaving friendly to you-especially when you’ve done nothing to warrant ill treatment or discourteous comments.

-So how can we try to be kinder to people, especially when we don’t feel like it? Check out “Tiny Buddha’s” quick tips on kindness By Fiona Robyn


1. Try to notice when you feel the need to be unkind to someone.

If it’s too late and you’ve already said something mean, then complete the following steps anyway and you might learn something for next time. It might also give you an opportunity to apologize to the person you’ve been unkind to—“I know I was angry about what you’ve done, but I shouldn’t have said what I said. I’m sorry.”

2. Ask yourself why you are feeling an urge to be unkind.

Is it because you’ve had a bad morning, or because you’re feeling hurt or insecure? Is it because the other person has said something that has made you angry or upset?

3. If you want to be unkind because you’ve been hurt or you’re feeling insecure, then acknowledge the part of you that feels hurt.

Try to deal with this without taking it out on somebody else. Be kind to yourself.

4. If you want to be unkind because the other person has said something horrible to you, then you can do two things:

Try to make sense of why you feel so hurt. Did what the person said to you have a grain of truth in it, or are you afraid that it might? Is this why it upset you or made you angry?

Remember that the other person is fighting their own hard battle. They might have had their own terrible morning/week/life. You’re just unlucky that they’re taking it out on you. If what they’ve said to you doesn’t feel personal any more, it will have much less power to affect you.


Think positive. For every negative person or situation that you encounter, think two positive thoughts. Say something positive to people you meet even if they’re really annoying you. It helps even more to go through your day thinking of something funny. When you think positively, and picture positive things in your head, you can’t help but feel more positive, and then this will manifest physically in the form of a nice smile and nice behavior.

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