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Did you know that money isn’t the no. 1 reason for employee’s being unsatisfied with their employer- resulting in their decision to leave and move on to another employer?   It kind of makes sense. After all, they knew what they’d be paid when they signed on.

So what takes the top spot?

 For 2014, the No. 1 reason employees say they left a previous job is: a lack of opportunities for advancement. More than one in five employees (22%) polled by BambooHR, an HR software-as-a-service company, in a recent survey cited that as a reason for resigning in the past.

Coming in second and third, respectively:

  • A lack of work-life balance.
  • Money

BambooHR polled U.S. workers over the age of 18 to find out why they’d left a previous job, and to have them rate the most annoying aspects of work in general.

The top five deal breakers identified in the survey:

  1. The boss doesn’t trust or empower you (one in four rated this a deal breaker).
  2. Being expected to work or answer emails on sick days, vacations and/or after work (one in four).
  3. Management that “passes the buck” when things don’t go as planned (one in five).
  4. Work not being flexible with regard to family responsibilities (one in five).
  5. Not getting along with co-workers (1 in 6).

If you think this is interesting stay tuned for next weeks blog on questions you can ask your employees to help determine if they plan on staying with your company.

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