Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Hello Fellow Followers! Today’s blog will discuss the ways you can lead your employees to development and get positive business results.

Below are some leadership strategies from Judy Agnew Positive Management Training program that will help improve the health of employees and lead to positive business results:

  •  Develop relationships with direct reports. Good relationships make people feel cared for and enable the use of positive reinforcement which leads to discretionary effort.


  •  Be specific about what employees need to achieve business results. Vague requests and directions are stressful. Provide more frequent and helpful feedback on performance. Evidence of improvement or movement in the right direction helps reduce the sense of being overwhelmed. Immediate corrective feedback helps employees get back on track quickly.


  •  Focus on the positive. Talking to employees when they do the right things more than when they make mistakes or miss the mark will energize them to work harder.


  •  Do more asking and less telling. Asking employees’ sense of control, is more reinforcing, and helps leaders learn more about who they report to directly.


  •  Use shaping to help employees improve. Looking for and positively reinforcing gradual improvements in performance is more effective and less stressful than setting stretch goals.


  •  Assume your job is to create an environment that promotes success. When employees know your goal is to help them be successful they will work harder for you and be happier doing


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