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Did you know that by 2016, Millennials (ages 18-35) will make up nearly 40% of the workforce and 75% of the work force by 2025? (HRMC Human Resource Management Center Inc.)

Yes, its no secret Baby boomers are gradually retiring and millennials will become the bulk of the workforce. For some this may be alarming, especially if you’ve believed the stereotypes of this future generation; that will soon be leading our businesses. But according to a recent IBM study, despite many myths of millennials being all about “me, me, me”. They are also asking questions like “where do I belong” and “how can I make a difference”? And they too like previous generation’s desire job security and stability.

So taking those questions into consideration how do you land the best of this future workforce?

Check out these few tips from Adecco Staffing on how to attract millennials into your workforce.

  • Innovate and they will come

Since millennials grew up online, they’re accustomed to updates, new versions 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and a constant evolving technology. Millennials change jobs early and often, so attract them by keeping your products and your workplace dynamic, rather than static.

  • Praise hard work and forward thinking/creativity

The need for frequent praise is both the trait most linked with the Millennial generation and the characteristic for which they are most often criticized. Still it shouldn’t be a deal breaker at your organization if you’re going to land the best talent. Your feedback can play a vital role in their job performance, so be sure to offer sincere, targeted praise when warranted.

  • Work Life Balance and interesting perks

The lives of these digital natives are tremendously portable; they are accustomed to accessing anything from anywhere at any time, and many desire the same traits in a working environment. Staying innovative may include offering the flexibility of occasional remote working and fluid scheduling.

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