Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Hello Fellow Followers!

Did you know there’s more to being hired than your skills and qualifications listed on your resume?

Check out two common interviewing mistakes that could be costing you the job you really want…


–  Self Deprecation

Selling yourself while interviewing might sound cheesy and feel awkward but I recommend you view it as an opportunity to promote your skills and abilities.  If you have no confidence in your capabilities, then why would an employer.

– Frosty Demeanor

While interviewing it is important to come across as approachable and friendly.  Managers aren’t enthused to hire people with callous demeanors.  It raises concern that you wouldn’t fit in or work well with a team or consistently cause conflict in the workplace. As a recruiter we’re interested in more than well crafted resumes or individuals who have 3 billion years of experience in their field of interest.  In addition to being able to do the job, we want to hire an individual who can work well with others and who are stirred to achieve their best in their occupations.


So remember… Your time is coming!  If your search has left you feeling discouraged, frustrated or hopeless it’s important for you to not allow it affect your behavior continue to have faith in yourself.




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