Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

Did you know positive reinforcement is a powerful way to influence high performance in your employees?

Now I know some of you may be thinking WHY-“why should I praise somebody for doing their job” or “why would I praise an employee who needs to improve in so many other areas”.




Hearing what we do well makes us want to be better, and believe we can be better, and henceforth we do become better. It also softens the blow of receiving constructive criticism.  Once an individual believes you want the best for them, it’s very often they will be reception to your suggestions for improvement and what better way to demonstrate you care for your employee than praising them for a “job well done”.


Quick tips on how to positively reinforce those around you…

  • First, identify the behaviors you’d like the person to demonstrate.


  • Build that employee up by verbalizing your appreciation for them ie. “Max thank you for everything you do daily to meet your goals” or give a small token of appreciation (thank you card, lunch, or maybe a $5 gift card to Eat’n Park restaurant…shameless plug J)
  • Share the behaviors you’d like that person to demonstrate, and positively reinforce them immediately when you see them demonstrated.

Remember, if you want someone to do something again, tell them how good they did it the first time!

  Don’t be selfish share some the ways you positively reinforce those around you.

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