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Hold on to Your Current Employees

It’s no secret that the restaurant industry can be tough to work in and has one of the highest employee-turnover rates. But rather than feeling hopeless to consistently hiring and retraining. You can take action and hold on to your current employees.


How you ask??? Check out the following tips of retention…


  • Take a personal interest

Learning about your staff shows you care about them as individuals, not just as employees. That bond can influence their loyalty to your establishment and creates a since of family. One way to do this would be schedule a group time where you and your employees can sit and share things other than work- It builds relationship and camaraderie J

  • Provide tools to do the job

From proper equipment to training new staff, employees experience less stress when you set them up to do their jobs well and they become empowered to make decisions and knowledgeable .

  • Offer recognition

Employees want to know their hard work matters. Take a second during a team meeting to mention one of your employees who recently received a customer compliment or a line crew that performed particularly well on a busy night. Who doesn’t like to be in the spotlight for all the right reasons?

  • Encourage communication

Wouldn’t you agree that we all should know where we stand with our leadership? By regularly communicating, leadership and employees can better understand one another and quickly resolve issues. Feedback is a learning tool that encourages growth and you’d be surprised at how you’d also find out other talents they may have.


See you at the top!