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Last week we talked about Generation Z, the group of young people entering the workforce behind the Millennials. They are tech savvy, they expect technology in the workplace but feel uncomfortable about the future due to September 11 and the Great Recession in 2007.

Today, let’s learn about how they feel about Education and how they like to learn.

According to Northeastern University, 81% of Gen Z think a college education is necessary to succeed in the workforce. However, about 54% of those are concerned about the financial commitment and the affordability of an education. They also begin to think about college early in high school. This would be a great time to speak to them about  Scholarship Programs. Letting them know about the options they have available.

They love to go to the internet to find information, who doesn’t? But Gen Z likes to learn on their own vs. group work. However, they do like to do their own work around others. Remember last week we learned they are entrepreneurs?  Giving them projects and problems to solve will drive this group to perform.  Also, they want their teachers to be engaging and help apply their theories. How can we translate this to the work environment? As a manager, we would want to assemble the group, have them do research on their own, then come back to tell us what they found out. As a manager, be prepared to join in, be interested in their ideas and become part of the solution process.  Help apply their ideas with them. You will have to get your hands dirty, but if you do, you will reach this generation on a new level and get a higher performance out of them. If you find yourself presenting material or procedures to them, rethink the way you are doing this. Get them involved. Get yourself involved and watch how day to day operations begin to run smoothly.

We’ll see you next week when we continue on discussion on this emerging generation.

Comments on: "Generation Z. What else do we want to know?" (1)

  1. Joyce Fletcher said:

    You are always so informational and inspirational! Thank you for the good read!

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