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How to blend Millennials with Gen Z

As we start to hire Generation Z, we will be blending them with many other generations. Let’s discuss some early incite by looking at general characteristics of Gen X, Y & Z.

According to a report by the Knoll Research Group, blending these generations won’t be easy, but it will be required. Generation X were the “Latch-key Kids” as divorce rates skyrocketed. However, both Millennials and Gen Z value family security. Millennials came back home with their parents a lot when things were not good in the recession while Gen Z have the highest rate of homeschooling ever. How can we translate this into our workforce? Since both groups value family, we better run our businesses the same way. Remember we mentioned that Managers need to be hands-on with training this group? This is why. They want to feel a part of a family, a sense of belonging.

A big challenge between Millennials and Gen Z will be work behaviors and how we can blend them together. We know both demand high technology and social media involvement but how they differ is this: Millennials are at ease with the uncertainty of an open, unstructured workspace with a lot of choices and flexibility. Gen Z wants it planned out with clearly defined roles & visual access to training material. So how do we train these generation together? One wants unstructured learning while the other wants a plan. I think the answer is both. As managers, we need to blend both styles.

One other way we can blend all generations is to follow Gen Z’s preferred method of feedback. While they like to learn on their own, they like small groups or one-on-one in a defined space for feedback. Some reports are saying that Gen Z could be face-to-face socially awkward because of social media. Finding a place in your business that can be non-threating to Gen Z for feedback, will be essential in your success to training them. You can also use this method for projects or activities. Developing small groups will be vital in the future.


I hope this gives you some ideas that once we hire Gen Z, we know how to train and keep them with us for years.


Join us next week for more insight on this incredible generation.


Generation Z is smart, and they know it

Continuing information on Generation Z is just fascinating. Mallory Schlossberg, who writes for Business Insider, did some compelling research earlier this year. What did she find out? Generation Z will dictate the retail market for the next decade and beyond. This group is setting the stage and driving the retail bus. Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers will love to get on the Z-Train! Here is what to expect in our restaurant industry as this generation shapes the future.

While Millennials like a good deal, I mean, who doesn’t, Gen Z wants more. In other words, Gen Z demands an entire experience. They want great food at a great price with great service. They want hi-tech options, great customer service with a cool “feel” in the environment. If we can deliver on this, we will be golden with everyone. However, it comes at a price. While previous generations will give you a free pass for mistakes, Gen Z will not. Remember we spoke about how they grew up with hi-tech gadgets that worked (no dial-up internet allowed). Instant gratification is what they are looking for. If you can’t deliver, they will move on to the next competitor immediately. No second chances.

For recruiting this generation, the same thing. You need to jump on them quickly. Do an on the spot interview, show interest. Call them the next day for a second interview, if you don’t, your competitor will.

Gen Z also wants to be treated with respect. They are the most tech-savvy bunch, and they know it. Their general knowledge level is more expanded than previous generations. Therefore, they are expecting you to trust them. Also, they expect a business and an employer to be loyal to them. It’s not about Gen Z being loyal to you. This mind shift is crucial in attracting this group to be a guest in our restaurants, or as a team member.


More next week on this compelling generation.