Real-life advice from a real-life recruiter

According to Paul Wolfe, Sr. VP of HR at Indeed, he says one of the biggest mistakes in hiring is not having a diverse slate of candidates. “Think of diversity of age, experience, background, race and gender, all of which help bring diversity of thought,” Wolfe said. “[This] can make organizations more successful and keep organizations growing and progressing.”

Once you have identified your hiring need, make sure you are looking to interview many different types of people. Not only will this increase the hiring traffic in your restaurant, it will also make your restaurant more interesting to future team members. You will begin to attract better talent as you widen and hire new team members. You will also be surprised of what they can bring to the table. The better the hiring choices you make, the better your location will run.

A good diverse work staff will also radiate a good reputation. Customers notice everything, from a clean restroom to an amazing server. Don’t customers turn into employees? Also, your diverse team members will spread the word to friends and family, increasing your application flow. You never know where the next superstar is coming from.

You should not be searching for someone just like you or the rest of your team members. Don’t be afraid to bring in experience from another concept or someone that may challenge our company. Being open to options will also make you and your team grow and find ways to do something in another way.

Look outside the box. It can bring you a staffed restaurant, new ways of solving problems, more future applicants, a killer reputation and increased sales!

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