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What do Bill Murray, Garth Brooks, Bette Midler and a dog all have in common? These were the last guests on classic late night television talk shows in the past years. Letterman, Leno, Carson and Parr, respectively, all said goodbye in a definitive way. And just like those guys, so must we with our Eat’n Park Career Connection BLOG.

We started the BLOG back in November 2011. The first subject was “A Woman’s POV on why to work in the Hospitality Industry.” Over the next five years we have discussed topics such as Professional Advantage, Conflict in the Workplace, Benefits of a Smile and Online Etiquette. We also saw highlights of our team members and recently, we learned about the upcoming workforce with Generation Z. It has been a wonderful five years and we really appreciate all of you that have stopped in and read along with us. We wanted you to know that we have enjoyed your comments and your “likes” each time.

While we can’t be as cool as David Letterman and signoff with a celebrity, however, we feel that you, the followers, are the celebrities. Always checking in and reading what we have to say. We hope that you have learned some things, met some great people that you didn’t know and hopefully shared with friends and other team member some of our topics.

Thank you once again but it is time for us to say Good-bye. Adios. Adieu. Ciao. Farewell. You will be missed.

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