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How to attract and keep Generation Z

We’ve spent the last month or so getting to know Generation Z. What did we learn? Well, we know they are more technological savvy than any generation out there. If the Millennials can toggle two devices, Gen Z can go between five! In addition to this, they have more information at their fingertips and they utilize that. This group will have an Entrepreneur look to them for years to come. We also learned that they like to sit in groups but yet work alone. Also, when given feedback, they like a comfortable space to hold a conversation. They also want a lot of input from their leaders. Gen Z will dictate the sales market and have Millennials and Gen X following along. They want the entire package; great product, great services, great prices, current technology and transparency from the company their doing business with. If they don’t get it on their first visit, oh well, their off to the next guy. Loyalty will have to be earned starting with a flawless first visit. Finally, we talked last week about blending all the generations together in the work force.

This week, we will close out this discussion on what we can do to retain this group once we hire them. In fact, we can use a lot of these ideas to attract them. After all, it’s what they are looking for.

According to Lisa Evans from Entrepreneur magazine, 17% of Gen Z versus 11% of Millennials said they wanted to start a business. With this generation having the access to a greater wealth of information than any behind them, no wonder why. How can we compete with this? Our managers need to provide opportunities for Gen Z to use these entrepreneurial skills. We already said to get them involved with problem solving and finding solutions to problems. Today’s manager will be better off to delegate and follow up rather do it all themselves. This generation will be looking elsewhere for employment if you don’t.

Lisa Evans has also found that Gen Z is less motivated by money than the Millennials. We will have to emphasize other factors, such as training and a career path, rather than dollar amounts. 34% of Gen Z are most motivated by opportunities for advancement while 23% love meaningful work. We will have to make sure we clearly let Gen Z know a career path and give them an opportunity to succeed. In addition, finding a mentor to give regular feedback is also important. This generation thrives on it.

And finally, while Millennials prefer to job hop (they expect to work for 5 companies in their career), Gen Z plans on working for 4 or fewer. This could lead us to believe we can retain them for a longer period of time. By providing opportunities, giving benefits of loyalty and letting them use their skills and knowledge, you could be an employer of choice for Generation Z.

I hope you have enjoyed our journey with Generation Z. I can’t wait to see what the next ten years will be with this exciting group of young people.

The Power of Internships

The recruiting team at Eat’n Park Hospitality Group (ENPHG) is now fully engaged with recruiting restaurant management interns for our summer program. We have a very robust internship program. The interns have 10 weeks to be certified in departments, handle cash, complete product ordering and they get a chance to direct the entire team. They get the opportunity to manage an entire shift, sometimes, by themselves. At the end of the 10 weeks the interns present their projects to senior management in the Leadership Center of our corporate office. After the presentation we all go out to have a great dinner at Six Penn Kitchen. You can’t beat that for an internship.

Well all this planning for our summer internship go me think about the power of internships. If it is possible, do as many internships that you can. But don’t go over board. Make sure the are aligned with your long term career goals and they make sense.

Internships can:

  • Give you a great idea what it is like to work your chosen field’s work environment. Don’t wait until you are done with school, built up a lot of debt in school loans, and then decide you hate your chosen field. Either you will need to go back to school and create even  more debit or you have to just suck it up and be someone where your don’t enjoy.
  • You will build your network. Get to know the folks you work with during your internship(s). You will never know when those folks can support your job hunt. Just don’t forget to support those folks when you can.
  • Build your resume. Internships offer your value resume building experiences. It doesn’t really matter how you get experiences. You can gain experience by working, volunteering or by completing internships.

Just one of the ways we support our team members…..

Scholarships for our hourly employees are now available

These are the requirements:

  • Applicants must be team members who have worked for a minimum of six months prior to March 4th 2013.
  •  Have exceptional work performance and acceptable work attendance.
  •  Be enrolled or planning to enroll in full time or part time course of study in an accredited two year or four year college, university, or vocational-technical school.
  •  Grade Point average of 2.0 or higher.
  •  Team member recommendation form submitted by  General Manager

So remember pick up your application from your restaurant, complete it in its entirety and  mail your applications by March 4th to our corporate support center.

 Good Luck

May the odds ever be in your favor….

Eat’n Park’s the Place For…Scholarships???

Crystal here again… and I’m really happy to be writing this blog about scholarships.  Want to know why?  If it weren’t for an Eat’n Park Scholarship – I might not be where I am today.  My career may have turned out entirely different.   I received an Eat’n Park Hospitality Group Scholarship, 2 years in a row, while I was a Hospitality Management student at Robert Morris University.  The scholarship I received didn’t require me to be an Eat’n Park team member, but it made me want to be an Eat’n Park team member.  An organization was investing in me, my education and my future, and didn’t even expect anything from me in return.  With that small act of kindness – I knew Eat’n Park was the place for me after graduation.

One of the many things that I love about Eat’n Park is the organizations commitment to helping team members realize their personal goals.  The Scholarship Program is just one example of that commitment.  A good education is valuable and it is important to Eat’n Park to be able to provide educational opportunities to the dedicated team members who may not otherwise be able to further their education.

The Scholarship Program is open to any Eat’n Park Hospitality Group hourly team member who has worked for the organization for at least 6 months.  The team member also has to be enrolled or planning to enroll, full time or part time, in a course of study at an accredited two or four year college, university or technical school.  There are no requirements for course of study OR commitment to work for us after graduation – although we’d love it if they’d stay!

We also have a big celebration to honor our newest scholarship recipients and their accomplishments.  The hourly team members and their guests have a lot of fun mixing and mingling with the CEO, Senior VP of Operations, Senior VP of Human Resources and District Managers.

Even if you are working for another organization and are attending or planning to attend college – it’s great to have a conversation with your supervisor about your organization’s commitment to education.  Scholarship opportunities may just be available to you.  Take it from me – a scholarship may just help lead you to your future career.    

Until next time…

Social Media Part Deux

Recently, we talked about the dangers of social media. This week we are going to talk about the benefits. I love talking about positive stuff. Now, I don’t want to lie to you. I’m not the best person to sing the praises of social media, but I do see the value of the positive impact social media can make.

  1. Social media is real time. With that being said,  individuals are able to receive information on job opportunities as soon as they become available. You are always in the loop and in the know.
  2. Social media can also be personal.  Looking for a job?  Inquire about the position or department that you are looking to become a part of through the organizations social media.  Post your inquiry on the company’s Facebook wall, for example, and the moderator will most likely steer you in the right direction. Here at Eat’n Park – Smiley’s always willing to help!
  3. You can research a company using social media. Your knowledge of the company will knock the socks off of any recruiter.
  4. You can market yourself. Pay attention to everything you post from pictures to events. By showing your BEST self – you can market yourself into your dream      job.
  5. Distance has no meeting. Start networking with folks from all over the world. Making new friends means creating opportunities.
  6. Joining social media groups is an easy way to keep on the cutting edge of your industry and/or profession.
  7. It can just be fun to do!

Social media is just like any other communication tool. It can be used for positive impacts or it can be used negatively – it all just depends on how you use it.