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RESPECT Your Employees

According to a survey conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence and the authors of The Enthusiastic Employee, employees who feel they are not treated with respect by their employers are three times more likely to leave their jobs within two years than those who feel they are treated respectfully.

Why should I?- I’m the boss!

You’ll find that several managers have this mentality when it comes to managing.  This may not be viewed as an incorrect management style, however it is viewed by many as a bullying technique- which creates an unpleasant work environment which turns into a  counterproductive work environment because as touched on above employees in whom you have invested time and money to train will walk out the door after a couple of years.

How to show my employees I respect and appreciate them

  • Be authentic: Be a reflection of your organization’s values and principles while promoting transparency and fairness.
  • Promote ‘ownership’: Make all employees feel like ‘owners’ versus ‘renters’, that their voice matters, and that people in positions of power listen to learn and engage with their employees.
  • Develop potential: Help each employee feel like they are reaching their full potential and achieving their performance goals by investing in personal development.
  • Create an energized culture: Create a positive climate where your followers’ energy is directed towards winning against competitors versus defending against internal detractors from what you’re trying to accomplish.

Treating employees with respect and dignity is critical to retaining good workers, especially in a better job market, and if you’re a smart manager, you’ll find ways to develop respect for all your employees and reward them top to bottom.