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What goes on in social media stays on social media.

Let’s talk social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your friends. It is easy, breezy and works in real time. It can also help you research a company that you are interested in in a very short amount of time. Most companies have their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages filled with company facts and figures. In addition, social media has changed the face of job hunting.

Job hunting used to be pretty vanilla and boring… Find a help wanted ad (job board or paper ad), apply for job, interview for job, sign for a background check and then you may or may not receive job offer. Now you can receive live posting feeds. You can network your way to the perfect job. Wow! Social media really has made job hunting a lot different and fun.

But, like all things, social media is a double edged sword. Social media has negatively and positively affected job searches. Let’s talk about the negatives:

  • What goes on social media stays on social media forever and ever and ever. No kidding. You can’t even  divorce social media. Once you have created it you are connected to it  forever. What does this mean? Be careful of what you post. Ask yourself: “Is this a headline that I want the world to see? Is this something that I would want my current employer or future employer to see?”  Remember, the world is a very, very small place now. It used to take  forever to communicate a long distance. Abe Lincoln received his Civil War  updates via the telegraph. Sometimes he didn’t even know what was going on  for weeks! Now communication is instantaneous. It is so easy to let the  entire world become aware of anything that you want or even things that  you don’t want!
  • If can look at a company they can look at you too.  Remember companies are posting all kinds of things about themselves. They also realize this works both ways. They post about them and you post about you. Therefore, they are looking at what you post. They are asking  themselves: “Will a person who posts this fit into our culture? If our guest/client/partner/etc. sees this – will their opinions of us change?” Be careful of what you post because it can haunt you at the most unexpected time.

Social Media is fun and a very effective communication tool. But, like all things, it can both help you and hurt you. Think before you post.

Stayed tuned for the positives of social media!